Monday, January 19, 2009

Dozens of Space Groups but only one Space Movement

There are dozens of Space Groups but only one Space Movement. The Space Movement is what is shared by all who believe that Humanity must expand beyond the limits of Earth, that the solar system can and must be settled, that all humanity will benefit from the development of space resources.

Whether we believe that life on Earth must be protected by controlling Earth Impacting Asteroids and mining them instead of the Earth. Or Space Solar Power are the key to stopping global warming and widespread poverty. Or that Space Tourism will lead to Cheap Access To Space and the development of the solar system. Or that a Landing Humans on Mars should be NASA’s main goal. Or that Industrializing the Moon will give the Earth abundant energy resources, science discoveries and assurance that our technological society is protected from global calamity. All of us can stand together in the space movement. Believing that there are still frontiers for humans to explore, settle and develop.

Join Space Movement and show you are part of the movement to open space for the benefit of all humanity, because we are stronger together than we are apart.

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