Monday, October 26, 2009

The Battle Over The Augustine Report Has Begun

Below is a video in support option 4B in the Augustine Commission (extending the use of the shuttle and develop a shuttle derived heavy lift) since it is the only way to eliminate the gap in US manned launch capability. But there are problems with continuing to use the Shuttle and Shuttle Derived technology.

1. Maintaining the workforce equals maintaining high launch costs since those workers have to be paid.

2. Maintaining the workforce maintains the failed paradigm NASA has had for the last several decades.

3. The architecture is unsafe if we continue to fly the shuttle technology we are sentencing 7 more people to die in the next shuttle accident.

4. Continuing to use the shuttle architecture guarantees that we will not develop new launch technology.

Keith Cowing did notice an interesting problem with the video - from NASA Watch Inaccuracies at SaveSpace
this video purports to focus on Augustine Option 4b which talks about shuttle derived launch vehicles. Well, it is actually a propoganda piece for the DIRECT concept - one of two shuttle-derived concepts briefed to the Augustine Committee. At one point John Shannon, an advocate for the other shuttle-derived concept that was thoroughly briefed (yet ignore in this video), the Shuttle Sidemount HLV, is shown talking about a shuttle-derived launch vehicle while DIRECT imagery is shown. At no time is the Shuttle Sidemount concept even mentioned. Very deceptive.

Video compilation supporting Augustine Commission Report Option 4B by Direct Launcher

Video compilation supporting Augustine Commission Report Option 4B from Direct Launcher on Vimeo.

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