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International, June 24, 2010 – In light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, The Space Renaissance Initiative (SRI) recommends that energy companies follow the courageus “Beyond Petroleum” address of a few years ago, and drill up, not down. Rather than risk further disasters as nations desperately drill for diminishing oil, SRI calls upon the leaders of the G20 to support the research and development of Space Based Solar Power (SBSP) as the energy of the future.
Rick Tumlinson, president of Space Frontier, and member of the Space Renaissance Initiative Board, says “For less than the cost of one offshore platform—and far, far less than the cost of the clean up of this disaster—we could build and operate the first tests of a space based power satellite.”
In fact, companies in Japan, Europe, and the USA have declared their intention to build a solar power station in space and beam that energy to Earth. However, the intention has not yet become realized. SRI recommends public-private partnerships between G20 governments and companies who want to grow their businesses above the atmosphere, where the Sun never sets.
“When this is accomplished, the world can access an unlimited energy supply that by-passes the need for oil; synergizing with the borning Space Tourism industry, SBSP will boost the greatest economic revolution of all times”, says Adriano Autino, President of the Space Renaissance Initiative.
Space Based Solar Power (SBSP) was first proposed by Dr Peter Glaser in 1968 and promoted in 1976 by Professor Gerard K. O'Neill of Princeton, who also proposed to use Lunar raw materials for building solar power satellites, to supply global energy markets.
SRI sees the positive benefits of SBSP and its enormous spin-off technology potentials as a gamechanging human endeavour for achieving this goal, and for transforming our earth-bound, oildependent economy into a space-faring solar economy.
About the Space Renaissance Initiative:
SRI is an international organization that has the support of 73 space-related organisations, such as: The Moon Society (USA), Next Gen Expo (USA), Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (Italy), Advanced Technology Working Group (USA), SpaceFuture (UK, Japan), Technologies of the Frontier (Italy). SRI exists to promote the completion of the kopernican revolution: venturing out to space will assure the survival and the further growth of our civilization.
Adriano Autino
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