Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NASA Has Been A Foreign Policy Agency For Decades

There has been a lot of recent criticism of NASA Administrator Bolden for saying one of NASA's priorities was outreach to Muslim countries, but NASA has a long history as a foreign policy agency. Apollo was nuclear war by other means. Apollo-Soyuz turned NASA from international competition to international cooperation. Which was continued by the International Space Station which used foreign policy to justify its existence. Bolden's comments are a sign of how far NASA has fallen from greatness but are not surprising.

International cooperation is incompatible with American dominance of space. American dominance of space should be NASA's main goal. Since the US proclaimed we came in peace for all mankind instead of claiming a chuck of territory around the Apollo 11 landing site, the US has been to timid to dominate space. Instead the US slunk into the safety of international cooperation.

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