Saturday, October 9, 2010

Join Elon Musk For an Elegant Evening at The Rocket Factory

Celebrate Freedom & Technology
at a fundraiser for
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Monday, October 11th
7:30 p.m.
Space Exploration Technologies
1 Rocket Road
Hawthorne, CA 90250
(Near LAX)
Catering by Wolfgang Puck
Host: $2,000 NRCC contribution
Guest: $1,000 campaign contribution
Contact: Rhonda Rohrabacher


Anonymous said...

all right
go solar all

Anonymous said...

“All hands on deck, time to batten down the hatches.” Now is the time to change our ways, to decentralize and re-localize, to plan by watersheds, to abandon ruinous globalization and damaging trade “agreements.” Our technology outpaces our humanity, yet technology will help us adapt. Our priorities are “off” and in need of a “reset” button.

the secular god Zikalkis is recruiting candidates for USA presidential elections ( 300 candidates ) and simulataneously preparing people for world elections for global president ( 7000 candidates ), vote and be voted in this divining democracy which is, actually, conjuncracy in universe, soon is
The Declaration on Rights on Universal Identity and Individual Sovereignty .... : VOTERS PLEDGE
I will only vote for candidates and political parties, which I trust, respect, agree with, and that have followed the principles they claim
this has to be controled for inflation expectation anchoring in dispersed money as decreasing and narrowing gap between too rich and too poor